Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Shawne Merriman does cocaine, Allegedly!

This story is all second-hand hearsay:

My Boy was messing with this chick and she used to f0ck a Charger. One day she was telling my boy about a party she went to with a couple of girlfriends of hers, needless to say it was a hotel party with a few Chargers there and this chick was fucking Shuan Phillips in particular. The girl went onto say that Shawne was sitting with a couple of bitches around him and some Yayo on the table and that dude was snorting it. I rarely believe bitches but what did this chick have to gain by lieing. I have met two other bitches who have claimed to have boned Merriman. By my calculations which are purely scientific, that means that Merriman has boned 1 in 4 single women in San Diego; damn thats Chamberlain numbers. I would also like to add that this chick claimed Antonio Gates offered her a "ride home" and she accepted not knowing that ride meant she was going to bone him. So when she said no, Gates pulled out his stuff and jacked(extreme no homo) and told her to nibble on his ear so he could finish faster. Yo take this anecdote for what it is, which is very true.

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