Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith-Deceased

Yo thats sad she definetly got jerked off to, in my adolescense. I remember this video, shit was hilarious. Yo word I will masturbate to her tonight to pay my respects and I dont even like white chicks. RIP Anna Nicole Smith No Trimspa


zgq1984 said...

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Anonymous said...


Damn giving respect to the dead woman via beatin it? That's original, but I can feel that, nhjic & no necrophilia just in case.

Yo I hope Anna's death was natural, & not self-ethering via suicide or Hendrix-steez accidental drug OD. However if she's only 39 sadly it prolly is self-ethering, nahmean?

I Fux said...

Ya she prolly ilked herself.....that sux for that daughter of hers really needs to know who her daddy is...........ya Im milk this cow(C) cappadonna

Anonymous said...

Yeah RIP Anna.

I reckon she most probably murked herself. She was pretty gutted that her son murked himself so in my opinion she followe suit. Poor kid though.

Gille Da stupid fuckin Kid got nailed with 89 pounds??? Thats some serious weight, muthafucka gonna be in the bing for a long time for that shit!!

Big ups Fux, I see ya shinin nigga (c) crackhead in Paid In Full

Oh, you gotta check for ID and Sexy Beast Fuxy, classic joints.



Anonymous said...


Yo IFux, I got some free NoMamesBuey Consulting TM, for your hot women ass shot series, post on

Kim Kardashian

perhaps the GOAT Iranian chick? Maybe this smokin hot whore could blow both Gee Dubbz & Iran Pres Ahminijad(sp?) & prevent WW3?

I Fux said...

Yo big up, Yo I heard it might be that Anna's son was the dad of the baby, whoa!(c) Black Rob Thats Crazy(c) Black Rob twice.........

Hey NMB remember earlier this month I posted that Ray J had a homemade p0rn well it was with that Kim chick.....Hey Remember Sarah Shahi I was on a blog the other day and I saw that they were bigging her up as the most underrated chick on TV ........

I Fux said...

England I have Sexy Beast copped it like 01' and Ghandi is in that pic acting a complete animal.......shit is slept on as far as most gangsta character ever in a movie!

Anonymous said...


My bad IFux, forgot you were already up on this chick Kardshian. She's got to at least be the GOAT of American "professional spares", aka socialite hoes. Kardashian ethers Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, etc.

Good point about that other Irani girl Shahi, although I'd take Kardashian but it be a tough choice.

Yo if Irani has hot girls like this, we just need to let American culture fight Iran instead of weaponry. This is not my original idea, The Young Turks ( & others have been sayin this for years. Just set up some internets pron & youtube type shiz with hot Irani girls. Throw in some bootleg DVD Irani pr0n for the "Persian street". Extremist clerics will not win that battle son!

I Fux said...

True Iranian or Persian, I used to smash this half persian/half mexican chick and she was cool too but she had mad kids