Monday, February 05, 2007

Top 10 In Game Dunks

Yo I dont have a problem for the most part with this list. But I do have a problem with New Yorkers hyping up John Starks and alot has to do with that dunk but it doesnt make him a good ball player. Need I remind ya'll dude was like 1 for 9 from the land of three points in game 7 of the Championship versus the Rockets. Dude was overrated as a player though that dunk was dope. Former Basketball Coach and Author Charley Rosen who stays telling the truth; had this to say about John Starks:

I was coaching the Rockford Lightning back when Starks was playing for the Cedar Rapids Silver Bullets. Whenever he happened to be on the bench, Starks made a habit of ignoring his coach and the ball game, preferring instead to concentrate on a more satisfying undertaking — consuming large quantities of popcorn.

Damn, how about that cup of ether. Here is the rest of that article. If you like Basketball and a perspective from someone who doesnt sugar coat anything and is reputable, Charley Rosen is that dude.


Roc_Representa said...

In response to your TJ Ford Post:

Ayo, TJ Ford is playing good for the Raptors this year. The Raptors are 2 Games over .500 which is a lot more than I can say for the Bucks.

Plus, if TJ Ford starts stinking it up, then they have Jose Calderon to fall back on. Jose Calderon = Best back up point guard in the game. Real Talk.

I Fux said...

^^ Co-Sign

I did say in the comments that Calderon is the main Point when they were winning games, TJ was hurt.

Belize said...

Anybody remember the Bulls Vs Suns game when Jordan did a alley-hoop to Pippen on an inbound pass? I swear nobody remembers that..soooo... if anybody remember that, then my life journey will be Forrest Gump