Saturday, February 10, 2007

Kid 'n Play - Ain't gonna hurt nobody

Weekend Videos for the 80's babies lets throw it back, No Cross Colors

Joe Public- Live and Learn
Heavy D - Now that we found love
Positive K - I got a man
JJ Fad - Supersonic
A lighter shade of Brown - Sunday Afternoon
De la Soul - Buddy
Shaggy - Boombastic
LL Cool J - I Need love
H-Town - Knockin' Boots
Paperboy - Ditty
Blackstreet - Joy
Pharcyde - Passing me By
Digital Underground - DooWutchyalike

out of LF: Sublime - What I got

till next time, 1


belize said...

Kid N' Play > ev'thang in 2007

I Fux said...

True I was looking for this one song that UK rapper Sway sampled for his song "Fire" I cant think of the song he sampled

Anonymous said...


for sho.

Anonymous said...


Yo this youtube parody of Jay-Z's HP commercial is COMEDY. Borderline Schiavo'age of Jay here. Props to for the link

Anonymous said...

Ayoooooo whats good Fux?

Kid'n'Play all day. Thats my shit, bringin back some memories.

Hell no Anna Nicole Smith did'nt fuck her son, say it ain't so? Thats some nasty/white trash shit if she did. Mind you, if I was her son.....I'd hit......I'm just sayin....

Saw Snoooooooop Doooooooogg, Jurassic 5, Beastie Boys and Common at the weekend. Every single one of them tore the spot right the fuck up. Happy days.



Belize said...

Yo fux..check out Solo tryin to be blacula...haaaa

lmao @ the "hood" Igor

I Fux said...

Yo what was the Belly weird stuff blacula was that Mario Van Peoples ..............England Snoop be killing shit with a live band along with Common............I heard Game is now touring with a band and straight murdering performances.............

Belize said...

^Yup Peebles lost it...haaaa

Yeah I heard game is doin the live thing..stil

Top 3 hiphop artists to see live

1. Meth
2. Bus a bus
3. Wyclef

Anonymous said...


^Fuck that son the illest live rap crew obviously is THE ROOTS. That's why they're aka THE LEGENDARY ROOTS CREW

Seriously you gotta see them live once in your life

BTW last year there was a show with the following that was ill here in ATL:
Apathy & Celph Titled
Little Brother
Fort Minor

bELIZE said...

Never seen the roots, they dont come to AZ much...but watching Meth walk on the crowd's hand and tryin to balance and rhyme=pricless