Thursday, February 01, 2007

Hangin with Big Pun

Top 5 dead or alive, he came and left too quick.....At like 40 seconds into this Pun says "all Brooklyn niggas is hard except for Jay-Z". I once heard a story that Pun and the Terror Squad put a hurting on Jay and Dame.......Bols Top 5 most Gulliest, nothing to do with rapping by the way

Here is the Combat Jack version of the story I mentioned before. You know this carries alot of merrit cause CJ is the truth........

Combat Jack Says: November 17th, 2006 at 1:52 pm
Way back like 1994, Terror Squad cats was really beefing with the then fledgling ROC. I dunno if Jay got cracked in the head, but Dame Dash personally came to my office the next day with his head wopped up talking about how Fat Joe an’ ‘em was really some scrappy type dudes. Dame was actually joking about how they all got into a scuffle the night b4 at thsi club called “Sweet Waters” (now closed) and how one of the TS crew had Dame cornered up and kept popping Dame in the head with a Moet bottle. Although Dame has always been an asshole, I give him props for joking, head all bandaged up, about how he wished the effin botle would break so the lil homie would’nt have anything to swing upside his head. Didn’t hear about Jigga getting popped though. ...........

Anyways My Top 5 of all time
1. Tupac- for obvious reasons besides rap, he was able to touch people in a different way
2. Biggie- simply the flyest and most lyrical also a comedian
3. Big Pun- a latino version of Biggie the most influential in the latin community
4. Jay-Z- Lyrical, Business acumen is what set him apart, has become an entity
5. NaS- the prophet lived through the Biggie and Tupac era and was considered great then and a legend now........Who do you "Kick in the Door" was for, Nas mentioned it in "Last Real Nigga Alive"


Anonymous said...

Yo my nigga pun was ill u gotta love him fat joe half cuban!!

Belize said...

This is on that Big Pum dvd..u should check it out, Pun was definately no saint...i blame it on bein' spanish..i think all us spanish niggaz got a lil crazy in our genes..or maybe its too much rice and beans..dunno

belize said...


I Fux said...

Yo @ Belly, hey I recall seeing this video a while back but missing that Jay diss, funny nonetheless...........Pun is the Illest