Thursday, February 08, 2007

Gillie da Kid Arrested...........

Ya Gillie got arrested, Police confiscated 89 pounds of marijuana in one of his houses. Police were "tipped off" aka somebody snitched. I would have to say the nigga who snitched on Gillie was Gillie, he talked too much and Feds prolly saw that he isnt selling any records so lets go investigate and Whala magically appearing in his home was the dope. Mistake made by da Kid maybe thats where he got his namesake from cuz that was childish behavior, true gangstas move in silence. Well good luck to Gillie in Federal Penitentiary, joining John Forte(ya remember him Poly Sci was my shit and side note Forte was gangsta with his shit he had 31 pounds of liquid cocaine). Honestly speaking I had the Major Figgas album and thought it was hardbody. Gillie time to hire a good lawyer and Johnnie died a while back. I actually thought dude had a chance he could spit was and was funny whatever next to dieing or getting shot going to jail is the next best way to promote yourself . "He is innocent" says his lawyer.......Nah Really

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