Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Gilbert Arenas vs. DeShawn Stevenson

So Gilbert bet DeShawn he could beat him in a college 3-point contest one handed. Gilbert won but he was all fucking up DeShawn's shooting talking shit, fucking with his stroke. Impressive one handed shooting nonetheless.....Gilberts Blog


I Fux said...


^^^^ NEw NaS heater.....watch the new video there

Belize said...

Yo That shyt was mad funny...Gilbet was a fool for doin those pump-fakes...but DeShawn is like one of my favorite dude..cat was suppose to be the original LeBron but tha fuker went to Utah and they aint know what to do with his young ass..hopefully Gilbert can push him to be the player he suppose to be. He still looked like wanted to steal on Gilbert.