Saturday, June 09, 2007

Fock the Police!

So Last Night I decided to kick off my Birthday weekend by inviting a few of my boys over for some beers. I had decided not to do much since I knew I had to go to the office the next morning. Well everything was cool my cousin and a couple of boys came over, we were chilling in the front yard music playing, drinking and just talking ish. Then Southeast's finest decide to show up and interrupt our good time. First it was a black cop he starts asking ?'s and for ID's, one of the cats who is drinking is only 20 so the cop then Calls for back up but no big deal the cop was actually cool. Back up arrives and its a different story, dude is like a 50 year old whiteman with a stick stuck up his ass(no homo) and this Jake starts demanding sh!t, who's car is it and to turn off the music. It was my car and I tell him I will turn off the music, this is where sh!t turns to the worse. Apparently I was taking to long to turn off the music(I am somewhat drunk at the time), I dont know if both cops pull out their guns or not but I can hear their yelling for me to get the Fock out of the car. Well I finally get out of the car and I am slammed into the ground(word was the old white cop was going to Taze me) hitting my head( I think I got a minor concussion)and subsequently cuffed. The cop puts me in his car and gives me two options either go to Detox or being placed under arrest for disorderly conduct, I choose the former. The cop is trying to have a conversation with me on the way to downtown, I am just ignoring him and he finally asks what is the problem and I say my fockin head hurts cant you see what you did to me. He had the gall to say you are lucky I didnt taze you. Anyways I get dropped off at Detox and then told that if I created any problems I would be put in jail. Its around 2am when I get there so around 6am I am released. I get home and finally get around to seeing myself in a Mirror and my forehead is focked. I take a shower get in my car and head to work. Someone said I should press charges and I was like for what, the police threw me on the ground this type of ish happens er'ryday. Ya its my birthday this weekend great start!


BELIZE said...

Damn my dude. I feel you, that shyt happened to me a bunch of times..

Once my boy was gettin jumped by sum white frat boys in a club and when I went to jump in 2 cops pulled me back, arrested me and made me watch my boy get stomped (add to the fact he told me he was racist - case was dropped btw)

Moral of the story?
Cops aint good for shyt except if your in need of a great "fucked up" story

Happy B-day my dude..weekend video on u!

M.Dot. said...

You lyin.

Gemini's rock, btw.

Mac Brown said...

Only two types of people become cops.

1: Those who actually wanna protect & serve. (these are also the types of people who join the military to show they are some sort of patriot and shit)

2: Power hungry, loser, pussy, square mofos who couldn't get any girls and was picked on in their childhood. They were so socially akward, and kinda dumb, that they couldn't make it in the professional world so they take all their bitterness & feelings of inferiority and use that badge as a source of power in their lives.

omar said...

i can see how that happend to u. U act pretty retarded when u drunk have u herad of a house stereo why u always bumpin in ur bucket at 1 o'clock in the morning. When u get faded u act like fabe dog not knowing that the police will do anything to u if u give them a reason!

ian said...

thoreau here- well, happy focking birthday man. i remember when i got my second dui; i had just pulled into the parking lot of a bar in order to (ironically) park my car and walk home --- i just knew it would be better in a lot as opposed to on the street. well, thems jakes were staking the lot and busted me and then called 3(!) back-ups because i started talking shit. well, after being bashed on the car relentlessly for about 5 minutes, i was taken to the sub-station for the next 16(!) hours. imagine if i were a shade of brown huh? tazered, beat the fuck up and god knows what else. all i know is that i got lucky none of that did happen to me. you should sue those bastards... if you got in on tape!

I Fux said...

Ya I have been living in this neighborhood damn near 20 years and I never once seen a cop come into our neighborhood for "music being played too loud" nobody really gives a shit but I guess the white cop felt he needed to make an example of me, but I didnt even say two words to the cop no attitude or anything. Fuck em

omar said...

Morale of the storie don't be chillin wit anyone that is 20 years old unless its a young chick ur bout to bang

elgringocolombiano said...

Damn Fux that is a focked up story for real. Maybe goto the doc to see if you had a concussion, & skip from drinking much this wkd.

Happy Bday homes.

Belize & Thoreally, ditto on your stories about 1-time, los puercos

Some classic rap lines on la chota:

Yo, fock the cops, you gotta come back, do the hop (c) Q-Tip

Who they serve & protect n, not you (c) Kweli

'Son do you know what I'm stoppin you for' Cause I'm young & I'm black & my hat's real low? Do I look like a mind-reader? Sir I don't know (c) Jay

Dallas said...

got my ass kicked lovely by some detectives after they causght me in a stolen Audi. It was embarrassing as hell and my boys laughed their asses of at me until arraignment where they had to post bail and I received an ROR. Released on my own recognizance. The cops told the D.A. that I was a joyrider even though I had the bag of tools (dent puller and screwdrivers).

Oh and yeah, happy born day Fux.

I don't fux with police.

JUAN Blaze said...

fuck the cops I got superstar props..(c) The nutcracka (no homo) Group Home

Anonymous said...

i felt like i was watching an episode of Cops in slow motion when they were pulling you out tyour car.
-the panch

The-XFacta said...

The police are your friend. They are here to protect and serve... Damn I couldn't type that with a straight face!! LOL

M.Dot. said...

I heart popo.