Saturday, June 23, 2007

How To Pass a Breathalizer by Omar.

This story was told and sent to me by my Boy Omar and I am all for helping out a fellow man in a time of need. So I co-sign everything Omar did to avoid being locked up and I will reiterate my stance Fock The Police!

How to beat a DUI!!! Yo Im bout to let the hood know how to beat a DUI.
Friday night I hit up the club and I have 3 beers, 3 shots of DJ (Don Julio
Bitches) and a rum and coke and some bitch ass kamikazee. So on my way home
the bitch ass babylon pulls me over. I get out the jeep and this muthafucka
ask me for my license (Ur boy ain't got a license) so I hand the bitch ass
jake my passport he is like what is this I say this is my identification I
lost my license a while back (I told that bitch I went to the dmv for a new
one yesterday lol). Anyways this bitch ass cop is giving me a test and I
think im going to the slammer. After all the test I take he ask me to do
the infamous 4 and you know what I tell him I told that bitch I have bad
ankles I don't think I can pass that test. So he tells me if I want to take
the breath a test I said I don't think I want to take it jake and he tells
me then im going to have to arrest you (In my mind my new name is pac man
jones). Aight so im like fuckit give me the damn test bitch. So this is
the key fellas when im bout to take the test and blow in the contraption I
start huffing out hot air. Muthafucka is telling me to blow harder so I
huff a little bit harder I do it one more time and he tells me my blood
alcohol level is at a 0.05 and that I could leave. I ask the bitch if I
scored high on my test and he said I had failed. So I hop in the whip and
head to super sergios to celebrate. Next time you drink and drive and get
pulled over huff and don't blow and you will be aight.

Follow these easy steps and you may also save forrest fires errrrr you're ass from getting locked up and anally raped, No Bernard Hopkins!
1 Hundred.


ian/thoreauly77 said...

yo- i don't know how accurate this is man!

I Fux said...

Me Either

omar said...

Believe it or not but i passed my test and im stickin to it. Blow if u want but im going to huff no homo

Anonymous said...

When a subject provides a breath sample to a breathalizer, the equipment is programmed to detect wether or not the subject is actually providing a sample; or in this case, pretending. If the machine does not receive the required amount of breath within a specified time frame, the test will abort usually giving a standard "error" message. the machine is working fine, the subject is trying to trick it. all that really occurs is that the subject will end up refusing to complete the test. State law determines what happens next. More than likely the department will just take the subject to another dept and perform the test again. Refusal to provide a breath sample can result in legal action. They could even require a blood test.

As a technician on such machines, I would not want to "play around" with the amount and rate of my breath during such a test. You cant blow hard, or soft, or have to provide a specific amount of air within a specific time or the test becomes "insufficient".

This persons account does not provide any meaningful or accurate information on what actually occured.

Bottom line, if you think you know how to fool a breathalizer, it wont work. There is actually only ONE accurate method available - dont drink.

Anonymous said...

There is no sure fire way to pass a PBT. It tests for your blood alcohol content (BAC) However there is a way to lower the amount of detectable alcohol. By hyperventilating for 20 seconds prior to blowing you will score lower this is due to the way in which blood flows through your lungs. By huffing as he put it he was able to blow under the illegal limit of .08. Also the reverse is possible, by holding your breath and then blowing it will be much higher.

Anonymous said...

You are one dumb nigger, no cop would ever let you go for this unless you really weren't that drunk.