Monday, June 18, 2007

Fux News the rundown!

I want to give a big shout-out to the homie Omar when off that Herk and Jerk Friday night he told me I needed to step my blog game up and I just told him I'm a Hustler not a Blogger. He also told me I was losing readers, like he has some inside info that I dont know about. Omar hit me off with something and I will post it here. I had a long Weekend and yesterday being Father's Day I drank a ridiculous amount of Beer one good thing came out of it, the Boys and I came up with a reggeaton hook:

Llenalo otra Vez
Fill it up Agane

We proceeded to repeat this over and over throughout the night, not really exciting stuff but since most of us were drunk we found it hilarious. As well as Felipe saying that Native Americans as far as all races advancing, somehow have accomplished the least overall. I can go deeper into his breakdown of why he feels this way but the jist of it was Native Americans got punked by the Whites and never recovered. Felipe aka Thoorree has a wide variety of views on everything and he is like our very own Stephen Colbert with a hood perspective on all things(he always has that dank I have heard,I myself dont partake). He seemed to get a ridiculously good look at my penis (no homo) long story but I ended up skinny dipping Saturday Night, I know WTF. Well it was a good Weekend went to the DelMar Fair Friday afternoon had some Rattlesnake(taste like chicken for real) and Beer and I also won on those impossible Basketball courts with over inflated balls and super small rims. I banged my first shot got the #1 a big ass teddy bear and kept it moving. Lets take a look at what's Happening:

Seems this Iranian Soap Star is about to get lashed and prolly stoned to death for banging on video. See it here (thanks to Nation)

Seems like Bol got himself into all kinds of ish last week, I guess people dont understand dudes humor and get their thongs in a bunch when he drops his weekly "I dont he should have said that" post.

Go over to Gringo's and vote for you're favorite Talib Kweli album, by the way my favorite is Quality 3 or 4 tracks with Bilal was the difference maker for me, no Stan..

So the chick who used to Cut herself on the Real World San Diego died, no she didnt cut herself to death she had some disease. But the long running joke with my boys was whenever one of us would do something suspect somebody would say " Its cuz so and so is a cutter thats why" Omar was particularly fond of pulling out the Cutter card i.e. I didnt go over his house to watch the game and he told my boys I didnt make it over cuz I'm a cutter, I know WTF .....Also the small world that it is one of my boys knows the dude Adam that used to bang Frankie the Cutter while she was filming Real World San Diego, RIP Frankie the Cutter.

Stack Bundles got merked.

DP has that Crazy ish to get you crunked up*hip hop beat plays*, Beautiful Fathers Day Story.....I also made sure I gave a Fathers Day hug to all my Boys Moms who raised their sons without a father in the home. Strong women who played the dual role of loving Mother and Father .....and a nice shout out from Greenie BeyBe

Ok the always dependable says that Richard Jefferson is engaged to a former Net Cheerleader and thus subsequently squashing rumors that he is indeed gay. I myself have seen him around Downtown Diego and he always has bitches with him but you and I know very well that Gay dudes rock with Groups of chicks thats how they roll. No Steve and Cuttino ......also look here mad suspect....

I hate Dick Vitale but here are some commercials of him hyping Adidas(courtesy of hg), by the way they lose for having that old fart endorsing their kicks....

White Girl Remix courtesy of Nahright via OnSmash

My Scraper Bike cruising on my Scraper Bike(M.Dot with the clip) by the way SouthEast's own Mitchy Slick is set to release an album this month go cop that ish at FamBam or you're local Mom and Pop shop,support local artists doing it
Here repping hard filmed right down the street from the crib.

Also I guess this dude Collie Buddz is blowing up 'round these parts and my boys wanted me to post this video, he is a whiteboy singing Reggae dope track though

On that Note, 1 hundred!


Dallas said...

fuck what a nigga say and keep dropping that shit. never pay another critic any mind unless they do this shit, and then I still say fuck 'em.

Nullus, of course

omar said...

yo mitchy slick song banging might have to got to fam bam and cop new album