Tuesday, June 05, 2007

iFuxTunes, whats banging in the whip!

This is some music that is currently heavy in my rotation and are in my top 25 most played at the moment. I just upped the newest tracks, as my Top25 always has music that has nothing to do with hip-hop and or just classic hip-hop tracks that most fans should know about. But I wanted to up the new stuff just in case people are still claiming hip-hop is dead which naturally it isnt. Radio on the other hand is dead though, I havent listened to a hip-hop based station in a while, well I did when I was in Hawaii and their playlist went something like this: Buy you a Drink, I'm a Flirt, Beautiful Girls, This is why I'm hot, mixed in with a few others and repeated hour after hour which I am assuming is every radio station these days, the sh!t is Disgusting. So here is my list of whats currently banging in my ride.

Talib Kweli - Hot Thing
....This song bangs hard its off the new album "Ear Drum" which has some other bangers on there check for it.

R.Kelly - Real Talk .... This is just a beast of a song for the insecure and jealous ladies out there

Bilal feat Sa-Ra - Hollywood .......Ya my Bilal Stanism comes out but this song bangs

UGK feat OutKast - International Players ... This song has been out for a while but it stays in my top25 because the song bangs and it is good hip-hop i.e. beat and lyrics

Pharoahe Monche - Push ...... My Favorite track on the album "Desire" the song takes a minute to take off but its def dope

Lupe Fiasco - Cold Blooded ........ This sort of has a westcoast feel to it

Kanye West - Us Placers ...... Song with Super Group Pharrell,Lupe and Kanye 'nuff said

And the Best of the rest:
Consequence - Job Song
Fabolous feat Ne-Yo - You Make Me Better
Common - Misunderstood
Calle 13 - La Fokin Moda
Black Milk - Uz a Freak Bitch
Robin Thicke feat Lil Wayne - All Night Long
Sa-Ra - And If


BELIZE said...

Some ish, I aint never heard..gotta take a listen

I Fux said...

Belly thats what I was hoping for homie, just a few new bangers for people to check for.

Anonymous said...

asian chick with the earphones looks like she wants it

elgringocolombiano said...

What up fam?

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omar said...

Yo fux since u in last place wanna make a trade tim hudson and tory hunter for pujols what u think