Friday, June 22, 2007

Hip Hop Video of the Day!

I had to post this video because the song goes hard *pause* no homo. So far so good for the Finding Forever tracks that have leaked all have smashed and sounds like Common may get close to "Be"'s dopeness and cohesiveness. Good Looking X-Facta who posted the tracks that have leaked. I like Common alot as an artist and I am probably one of the few who didnt jump ship when the Electric Circus album dropped, I actually copped it and liked it. Common is one of the few dope Mc's left from the mid 90's golden era of hip-hop still doing it. Cop his album when it comes out, 1 hundred!

PS if anyone has the track- *69(ps with love) produced by JDilla which is off the Electric Circus album slang it my way, I would greatly appreciate it.

Here is the track.....Big up EGC


The-XFacta said...

Common has been the man for a minute...

ian said...

werd, commons stuff lately has been on-point. i think the good music affiliation has been a great thing for him.

elgringocolombiano said...

yo Fux,

you say
1 "I copped EC"
2 but need "69 Ps.."

#2 is a track on #1.

Natch if you want that track I got it. Just sayin I wonder if you don't already have it & don't realize it's on EC

I Fux said...

Ya I copped Electric circus and lost it .......yo shoot that over Great it would be a huge look, no flex

I Fux said...

the song *69 Gringo

elgringocolombiano said...

^Fux, check your email homes

BTW, EC is a good album, I don't understand those that hate it.

"New Wave" is my ish, no Duran Duran.