Monday, October 16, 2006

Having trouble taking a deuce.... I got that remedy...

Yo so I was experiencing a bad case of constipation over the weekend. I was feeling horrible almost to the point where I considered going to the ER, but magically after 3 days without dropping a deuce, I hit the motherload. I woke up Sunday morning realizing I hadn't dropped a dump since Thursday night and my stomach was suffering. I had felt pain similar when a couple of years ago I got a colonoscopy out of fear that I may have developed a peptic ulcer , they just ended giving some antibiotics or whatever. Anyways late Sunday night after the game I still hadn't been able to take a shit and it was starting to bother me. I decided to have a glass of cranberry juice an check my email, hoping that I feel the need to take that all important shit soon enough. I would say exactly like 15 minutes after I drank my cranberry juice I got that urge and I ran to the toilet and suffice to say dropped one helluva prize. Woooo, cranberry juice saved my life and I feel great this morning because of it!

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