Monday, October 16, 2006

Teen jumps from mother's car, struck and killed on Route 67

YO so this 17 year old kid jumps out his Mom's car in the middle of the freeway. I know thats pretty stupid but my scientific studies show thats a popular thing to do amongst the white adolescent community. I digress the part that struck me was he got hit by a car and instantly died, getting hit by a car after jumping out of a moving car in the middle of the freeway is highly likely; but 4 cars subsequently ran his ass over right after he got hit by the first car. Naturally none of the cars that hit or ran his ass over bothered to stop to see what the fuck they hit, thats what I call humanity. What is wrong with the world when people cant stop to see what they possibly hit or atleast to make sure their ride isnt fucked up. See here

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