Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Police: Mom Uses Baby As Weapon To Beat Man

Baby Critically Injured - This crackhead bitch started swinging her 4-week old baby at one of her baby-daddy's(this is an assumption I made as far as plural on the baby daddy's). Apparently they got in a dispute over who should smoke the crack first and she didnt like that she had to wait and started swinging her baby like an aluminum bat at the daddy's head. This goes to prove that the goverment should implement some kind of law that once a lady has two consective kids with different fathers time to tie up her tubes. I am assuming she has more than one baby daddy because CPS took her other four kids from the home, the oldest being 8, and by my mathematical calculations the odds of her having all five with one man are close to zero...... point being tie up all these bitches tubes and we will have a better country for it

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Belize said...

u should introduce her to Bol...she'd stop fuckin immediately