Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Rick Rude Vs Ultimate Warrior

Yo this takes me back to my prepubescent years nhjic, anyways Jesse the Body is commentating, this shit is hilarious it should have won an emmy or some shit for best comedic performance, anyways this alone has changed my No Homo's to No Ravishing Rick Rude..... Enjoy and No RRR


Anonymous said...


Damn I was embarrassed enough before as a Minnesotan (grew up in MSP) that my former "MN paisanos" voted for the luny Jesse "The Body" Ventura

But after seeing this clip, it's even worse, as "The Body" (enache) threw down several the ghey quotes, such as "Rick Rude is definitely sexy but not the most sexiest man alive" WTF holy enache!

If the Evil Karl Rove was on that campaign he would've simply replayed that clip as a political "negative attad ad" & Ventura's campaign would've complethered right then

Anonymous said...

hahahahaa, this is soem homo shit.

I Fux said...

Thats why I adopted the No Ravishing Rick Rude or No RRR as my new NO Homo, but it could easily have been No Jesse "The Body".... No RRR on this whole reply