Wednesday, October 25, 2006

True Story......... The insatiable appetite to bone...

I was like 9 years old and me and a couple of my cousins Jesus and Tony in particular ( 7 and 5 years old at the time) found a video that said Survivor Series. At the time we were like the hugest WWF fans no Ravishing Rick Rude, so we all were like damn lets watch the video. What we were about to see though was something that I particularly think molded are young minds forever. I put in the tape and quickly we realized that it wasnt WWF but some other shit. The first scene was of some man walking by a swimming pool and there was a woman topless, so dude decided to join her and took off his shorts( At this point in our lives we hadnt seen anything like this but we didnt turn off the tape) Well needless to say the guy proceeded to bone the shit out of this young innocent looking chick but she didnt seem to dislike it she actually looked like she couldnt have enough dick. Well the porno lasted about 2 hours and we watched every minute of it.

The reason I bring this up, is that recently over a few beers we had a discussion about viewing that tape at a young age and all of us remember it vividly, more than ten years later. We also came to the conclusion that viewing a porno at an early age made us the way we are and by that I mean very sexually active or horny or some shit I dont know how to describe. We also realize that it didnt make us sick or fucked up in any way, it just advanced us at an early age and instead of playing with toys or games we wanted to fuck chicks. I know we may have analyzed this too much but I think that somehow this has affected us in the manner that all of us like to fuck but dont all men like to fuck a lot. What do ya'll think?


Anonymous said...

Why must our children's innocense be robbed by a film created to cater to the adult audience? Must we deppreciate the minds of our future children

- For Shooooooo

Anonymous said...

You're fucking LAME. I can't believe I read this shit.

Anonymous said...

yo IFux this track you're playing is completely ass (enache)

Step your game up, or dudes may start verbally ComplEthering you (nhjic) on your shit, like what happens regularly to Bol