Monday, October 02, 2006

Showing up Drunk to work

A music teacher shows up drunk to school. The music teacher was walking down the hall and just collapses and I guess someone saw her fall and shit, but this isn't even the good part usually a fall is ignored or laughed at but the Music teacher stayed grounded, which caused a fellow educator to call 911. When the authorities arrived they could smell the Henny so they asked her to take a breathalizer and she refused but it didn't matter the authorities ended up taking her in and checking her blood level and sure enough the bitch was drunk. The reason I found this so interesting was not that she was drunk but that this teacher probably came to the school drunk on the regular. By the way the kids always know.

When I was in like 5th grade I had this P.E. teacher Mr. Scott ( name is actual real name) and dude was black( just thought I would give a mental picture) anyways Mr. Scott always seemed a little off and by off I mean his speech wasn't understandable and he always seemed spaced out, those two hours every Thursday were always my favorites. My boy Rasul eventually got me into the know and told me Mr.Scott was a crackhead( until this point in my life I never actually saw a crackhead but I had heard of the term and knew what it meant). I asked Rasul how he could be so sure that Mr.Scott was a crackhead and Rasul told me that he had an auntie who was a crackhead and acted exactly like Mr. Scott. I never told anyone about me and Rasul's secret but it actually wasn't a secret all the Hispanic and black kids knew, it was the other kids and teachers who had no idea. I had an inkling that the black teachers knew but didn't say anything and I got this inkling because less than a year later Mr. Scott mysteriously died and no one knew why, except Rasul. Rasul's mom was dating a teacher Mr. Jordan, who in turn told Rasul's mom that Mr. Scott died of an overdose. This is one of the fond memories of my public school upbringing I hold close to my heart, this type of education against drugs cannot be taught in classrooms this is first hand reality shit. I have never used any kind of drugs, well that time I smoked weed, or that one time trying extacy not permitting and I can always say it was Mr.Scott who helped me learn this. I now as a grown man stick strickly to beer and keep it moving no crackheadish activities going on over here .....

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u r stupid and uneducated please quit blogging.