Friday, March 30, 2007

Its Friday catch ya'll Later, DMX is that dude!

DMX had a reality show on BET and I only caught it once but dude is off the hook. Here in this video he is acting Crackish, I swear he is going to kill himself on some Anna Nicole Smith Type shit. Sad but it doesnt seem like that long ago when he gave life to the game with a sound so unique and different, I dont think I am being Mr.Fantastic by stating that he is one of the few Hip-Hop acts that added something new and changed the game. There is only a few that have the title of changing the game but I can say wholeheartdly that DMX is one of them. Maybe I will go indepth and post about who honestly has changed the game for better or worse but for now this is a quick ode to DMX RIP D.

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BELIZE said...


*plays "Its dark and hell is hot"

...awww, memories