Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Here is a list of things I remain loyal to!

loy·al (loil)
1. Steadfast in allegiance to one's homeland, government, or sovereign.
2. Faithful to a person, ideal, custom, cause, or duty

Here is my List in no particular order:

:Family and Friends
:Work not my employer per se, but the responsibility of working and working hard
:San Diego Sports teams i.e. Padres and Chargers
:secondary Phoenix sports teams Suns,D-Backs and Cardinals except when they play Diego,
:spending two years of my life in Phoenix and going to a large amount of games developed this
affinity to the PHX.
:Jordan shoes preferrably #'s 1-12 but generally all Jordan's
:Diesel Jeans....these aint diesel these are evisu(c) Jay-Z but in my case its the other way, Polo and Lacoste
stafford Wife-Beaters thick and cheap cop at JcPenny's
:Bud-Light and if I drink a soda which is rarely only Coke will suffice, the beer varies but given
the choice of a domestic its Bud-Light and if its not I usually F0ck with Mexican beer
Corona,Sol, Modelo and Pacifico dont mess with Tecate that beer gives huge hangovers and
the shits!I also have never came to like dark beers like Newcastle,Bass,Guiness and the like
those are not my type of beer.........
:Playstation I have never bought an X-Box so I stay with this PS2 untill I cop the PS3 joint
:Inside the NBA w/Charles, Sopranos, Entourage, Dexter, Sleeper Cell, The First 48, The Wire,
BoonDocks, Andrew Dice Reality Show, White Rapper Show, Sportscenter are all shows I
regularly watch or DVR..............
:Booty,Nalga, As$, Boodukadunks, Back, Coolo and boning DoggyStyle
:My Barber Abel
:Trojan condoms above all brands
:Marlboro Lights if I am going to smoke which is rare and I am usually drunk
:If I am going to eat a burger In-N-Out is that place
:Mariachi Music, Rap and R & B above all else this is what I am listening to at all times

These are all a things I am loyal too, this was off the top of my head I am pretty sure there is
more things I stay loyal to. What things are you Loyal to?


BELIZE said...

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