Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Throwback Video of the Day

Big up to my Boy Icon from Nahright Fame on the link! This was and is my shit, A+ can probably rhyme circles around most of the wackness out today. This wasnt even my favorite A+ song he had another dope song earlier called "ALL I See" and that song reminds me of this chick I used to talk to in Middle School named Gina and she liked that song. The only reason that she is even a memory is because she was the finest Half-Black/Half-Filipina mix, that mix is hard to come by. I will have to look for a yearbook and find her full name and look on Myspace to see if she has one(everbody does it seems). Then Post her pictures to see if she aged well. No Voyerism just in case.


BELIZE said...

Yo i bought the cd single (remember those?) when it came out...the b-siade had a ill collabo with canibus and lost boyz

BELIZE said...

Black/flipino = baddest.bitch. created. ever

I Fux said...

A plus the lyrically superb one, spittin rhymes
Off the top of the tongue to burn ya ear drums
Rotten shit, make the opposite team call a time out,
knockin niggas three times my size out
The crowd loves me, so when I aint around they ask for me,
I buckle up to kick rap like a crash dummy
For the fast money, I get up in that ass money
the fact you tryin’ to test me kinda bugs me
I leave crews fed up, like handicap niggas tryin’ to get up
Emcees get wet up with lyrical gun pillars,
I blow up the spot when it’s time to rock
I speak through a mic my voice peak out at a hundred watts
Who wanna cipha, I get dumb
Word to my mother the father the holy ghost and Rev. Run
When it’s all said and done, I end the service
To cop the type of verses that average emcees seem to worship

^^That was his verse major ayoooooooo for "get up in that ass money" (c) A+

BELIZE said...

^A+ should smack bow wow just on g.p.

I Fux said...

A+ is only 25 dude can rhyme circles around most of these Mims,Poor Boy the Prince, types

elgringocolombiano said...

sup IFux & Belize,

had some internet downtime the last few days.

You guys ever listen to Little Brother "And Justus For All"? How 'bout Aterciopelados "Oye". Quality joints don't sleep

elgringocolombiano said...

There are lyrical young MCs these days like Phonte, Termanology, Apathy, Akir, but they get no love from the typical douche Little Wayne stan that holler "80s baby represent all day".

So ironic cause these dudes I listed are
1. MCs with top tier skills
2. have DOBs bt 1980 & 1989

2 things that Little Wayne cannot claim.

I Fux said...

^^ This is my shit............Yo NMB I just got this new MacProBook and its my first time dealing with Mac's as soon as I figure the program I will download that Justus for ALL joint........I am pretty sure I will like it cuz I think Phonte is dope sort of like how Kanye used to be before he blew up..........You know Funny, Witty Rhymes, good Subject matter........

I Fux said...

^^Some Rhymefest feat Kanye Heatrock

Dallas said...

what the smell is my dude? Thanks for trying to bring fools over to my page. I know you was reppin' for San Diego like what.

can't cosign Belize on that fully because I did smash a 100% Pina chick for several years and the fact that I was the only Black thing inside of her is what made her perfect.