Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Man that Punched Mobb Deep' Prodigy in the Face,the Gully Keith Murray!

Keith Murray is one of my favorite MC's of all-time and he is surely one of the most Gulliest. In his wikipedia it states that Rapper Rah-Sun knocked Keith out(wikipedia needs more people or tape), but it doesnt mention the incident when Keith knocked out Prodigy. I found a reference and audio about the Prodigy beef here Either Way Keith is one of the best ever at putting big words together. Billy Sunday had an article where he mentioned the complexity of putting polysyllabic words together in rhyme and that most new jacks LCD rappers arent quite up too par in achieving this feat and when these new jacks do use a big word the word is usually Platinum(LMAO). No Way am I saying that rhyming polysyllable words makes a rapper dope but the difficulty of putting said words in rhymes is what makes a rapper gain some respect in my eyes. Its easy to rhyme Coke with Smoke but if you put this scheme Together:
Violated, reinstated, genuinely illated
You're belated, you'll be checkin me out till the day I'm creamated
I keep you heavily sedated
Illified, illustrated
The original juice, not from concentrated
then thats when you start to notice the difficulty and the Mastery of the english language appreciate the artist that much more imo. Keith Murray is one of the best at this and thats why I say he is underappreciated as an MC. Take a look at some of his work, Get Familiar.

Def Squad - Dont Make no Sense
Keith Murray - Get Lifted Remix
Keith Murray - 5 boroughs
Keith Murray - Yeah Yeah U Know It
Keith Murray - Fatty Girl Damn even Ludacris was on point on this ishh
Keith Murray - Special Delivery Remix A personal Fav Keith killed this!
Def Squad - Full Cooperation
A Def Squad album sounds about right, right about now.
Def Squad - The Game This one didnt ring a bell, I have no clue where its from.
Def Squad - Countdown
Def Squad - Throw Ya Hands In The Air
This is just a remake but dope nonetheless.
Tha Truth feat Keith Murray - Makin' Moves


Anonymous said...

We was just talking about this the other day how Keith killed it on Red Gone Wild. Keith has always been one of my favorites. He was like the human dictionary. I totally forgot he did knock out Prodigy. - Big Homie

BELIZE said...

I need a blunt b4 I smack somebody is my shyt!!!!!!
LMAO @ keith smackin niggaz, too bad he fucked up his def jam deal like that

Dallas said...

I Fux,
I see you out there with that link.

Saw Keith Murray do his thing at the EPMD reunion. Forgot how wild that dude was. He got his crowd surf on too.

It's not all about polysyllabic words but whether you can bust a flow with them included in your verses.

Dudes like us are fans of Hip-Hop and I respect the cats that treat their art with respect and passion.

Real talk.