Friday, March 30, 2007

Teacher dropping N-Bombs and Defending it!

Looking at this tape the kid doesnt look like the type to be dropping N-Bombs at a teacher. I cant believe the brazen teacher defending his use of the word, I guess he is an English teacher that needs a history lesson or two. I myself used to use the word Nigga freely but I have really toned the use of it down the older I have become and it wasnt a concerted effort just a maturation but dont get me wrong I will still use it from time to time its just not as prevalent in my vocab. The Kramer thing just co-signed my thoughts on the word carrying too much negative vibes to be using it like it means a term of endearement.

This brings me to a story of this cat in my History class in 10th grade. The teacher was handing out a book and she told us that they cost ten dollars. So this one Vato said "what if I cant afford it" the teacher quickly replied "Take it out of your mom's welfare check" the class then erupted in laughter. The Vato then said something to the extent "I am going to the main office to tell the Principal and I am going to sue you" then he left. The class didnt hear anything about it then the next day we had a sub and the Vato also wasnt in class. Sure enough the teacher who was a white lady and had been at the school for over 20 years ended up getting fired. Rumors went around that the Vato sued and got some cake but he also never returned to the school and it was never disclosed to the media or anything. So most students got second hand information but I think if the kid really got any substantial cake that shit would have been publicized. Either way the Teacher lost and she should have known better to mess with young a bitchmade Vato.


elgringocolombiano said...

damn, I guess you can file that one as a self-ethering

firing the 20 yr service teacher seems harsh though.

how bout instead 200 hours community service helping the local "vato" community?

I Fux said...

Yup ^^^ I agree I thought she didnt deserve to be fired but the lady was a cranky old hag that looked liked she needed some dick but didnt like men or some shit...........