Monday, March 05, 2007

Two young one's piffing!

This clip has been making the rounds here on the local news. I was laughing through out the video even though its not supposed to be funny and it conjured up one particular childhood memory of my neighborhood. True Story: One day I was coming home from Middle School and I saw Chauncie outside his crib chilling and he was like yo Fux(not my real name) do you want to smoke some weed and I was like nah but who is going to smoke with you Chaunce just BayBay and I so far. I was like get the F0ck out of here BayBay smokes and Chaunce was like ya Teddy taught him when BayBay was 5(Teddy,Chauncie and BayBay are all brothers ranging in age at the time 17,12 and 6). I was like alright Chaunce I will swing by in a minute a need to see this sh!t with my own eyes. Ya lest that I saw little BayBay piffing that afternoon and I will never forgot what

he said "Yo Fux hit this shit its Chronic"
I said: "Nah I'm cool BayBay,next time"
BayBay: "Alright Nigga, Im going to go have a bowl of Cap-n-Crunches and play some Zombie ate my neighbors"
so as he left I was like:
"Yo Chauncie dont you find it odd that BayBay smokes Weed"
Chauncie replied: "Nah my whole family smokes weed, I started at 3"
Me: "get the fuck out of here with that shit"

and we both started laughing after that and never talked about it again. After that interaction when I would see BayBay piffing I wouldnt even blink an eye. So I guess what I am trying to say is that its absolutely wrong to teach a kid how to smoke weed but its prolly worse to teach them and videotape it!


BELIZE said...

WTF????????? haaaaaaaa....this is crazy my dude

Anonymous said...

whats good

Anonymous said...

this hoodtalk by the way...did you make those names up in your weed smoking story?

I Fux said...

Nah Hootie believe it or not the names are you want to contribute a story email it to me at will post at as's weekly story and then directly link to your site............