Monday, March 26, 2007

Throwback Video of the Day

Ok, slight exaggeration but this song is dope nonetheless........Out of LF: My Boy Hootie was banned by Eskay today over at Nahright, So if your reading Hootie and you want to post a random comment its cool with me duke.

Other Random News:

So Tony Yayo slapped the shit out of Jimmy Henchemans son, I guess Yayo wants to die cuz Henchemans name isnt a misnomer. Yayo is prolly the dumbest dude ever look at him here being fake and acting like he is for the kids
Young Buck interview and he wasnt feeling Yayo for smacking a kid and doesnt co-sign the actions.

Dallas Penn touched on Haitians being overtly gully when they got mad, that after the Heat won the 'chip people were still saying that Jordan was > Wade, now who would think such a thing!Apparently to some Haitians that was reason enough to plot an attempt to bomb the Sears Tower in Chicago.

Styles P aka Ghost officially signs with Koch I applaud as long as we dont have to wait 3 years per album release and it says he will drop another album this year less then a year since his last, which is def a good look.

New Redman video "Put it down" the song is dope but it is sort of suspect that the video just came out and the album drops tuesday, whatever I guess President Carter has other albums to promote or better things to do aka Rhianna.

RIP Eazy-E who died this day in 1995 and their still isnt a cure for AIDS

Jae Millz Interview so when is he dropping his album, I know I am not the only one who thinks he is hot, No Mims...proof part 1 and 2

1 catch ya'll circling your crib

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BELIZE said...

I bet Henchmen gets Yayo murked in 2 months tops and Buck leaves Gunit if his album flops

By the way that redman video was dissapointing