Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pans Labyrinth-Sountrack Gangsta backdrop

Yo I remember watching this movie and thinking whoever was doing the Score was a fucking genius times infinity! well I looked it up and saw it was Javier Navarrete and I couldnt help but think this is how a movies score is supposed to sound like and the only other time I felt like that or even paid attention was on Kill Bill. Watch the movie here and you can buy the soundtrack or listen to snippets of each song here ....The Movie is dope I might add but I mentioned a few months back after I watched it in the Theater and the only reason I mention the Score now is because I had a dream and throughout my dream or nightmare it was this damn music playing....I wont go into my dream/nightmare today but I did want to say that the Sountrack/Score is cinematic music at its best. Here is another Tribute


BELIZE said...

So wut is this movie bout?

I Fux said...

I cant even begin to describe it but its in spanish and in takes place during Spains Civil War or some shit and this little girl can see Fairies and Faun's the movie is dope the link I place you can watch online

BELIZE said...

kool, check ur email