Thursday, March 01, 2007

Mexico victorious over Venezuela 3-1........

The largest crowd to watch a soccer match in San Diego history – 63,328 – had Qualcomm Stadium on smash last night as Mexico dismantled Venezuela 3-1 in an international friendly and gave Sanchez his first victory as national coach.........I was slightly faded in this pic as you can see, this bag was just pimping the San Diego Union Tribune so I asked her to take a picture with me, nothing major......There was H0es wearing nothing running rampant around the stadium which is one of the main reasons I love soccer........The game was cool it isnt like the Venezuela team are worldbeaters or anything.......The chill part was tailgating before the game, carne asada on the grill, pounding Bud lights, good times! 1


Anonymous said...


Congrats to Mexico, buey!

National team futbol matches are awesome. I say USA v Morocco in Nashville last year with my bro & his homegirl. We/USA lost 1-0 in the last few minutes but it was still fun though.

My dad said USA & MEX are compete in the South America regional tourney Copa America. That is awesome since USA & MEX have a hard time improving by beating up on thorough yet small CONCACAF countries like Honduras, Jamaica, & Trinidad. And in the case of USA, continuously ethering MEX in friendlies! It will be good to face the powerhouses Argentina & Brazil, nahmean?!

Anonymous said...


BTW, the new free Little Brother mixtape if sick. "Cop it" & bump that isht.

Best track: Best Kept Secret - RJD2 has a sick beat with dope chorus scratches ala DJ Premier

Hillarious: Last Day - Phonte rips on all races ala Dave Chappelle or Carlos Mencia

Whoever said LB can't make it without 9th Wonder are on crack, no YN Elliott Wilson

I Fux said...

^^True on the Little Brother prolly better off can pick different sounding beats to rhyme over.......Where is the link NMB

Anonymous said...


or it's also on their myspace

BTW Phonte is quitely & steadily becoming a current Top5 or Top10 MC. Real talk, no stannery. Perhaps the real "King of the South" now, in terms of actual rap skills.

Omar said...

That Broad lucks fuckable did u get the digits

BELIZE said...

dats a bad bitch. one day belize will do good in football, but for now we suck monkey homo

Anonymous said...


^Yo Belize don't feel bad about suckin in futbol

The world's greatest encyclopedia

says you only have 300K people. WTF that's like if Green Bay, Wisconsin had a team!

There is hope though Trinidad has only 1.3M & they made the World Cup in 06 & played dece

Now why can't the US with 300M win a fockin WC title? At least we alwasy son Mexico, LOL!

Anonymous said...


otherwise, invite Ronaldinho, Pele, & Maradonna to visit Belize on the conditions that they have to fock 72 Belizean hoes raw (no Al Qaeda martyr just in case). Then circa 2032 Belize should be routinely sonning USA & Mexico buey!