Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Eddie Griffin crashes a 1.5million dollar Ferrari Enzo

Eddie Griffin Crashes Ferrari Enzo - Click Here for more great videos and pictures!

Eddie Griffin the Driver is not a funny comedian. I wonder if he has ever made 1.5million dollars in his career(I'm pretty sure he has), I might add that I did watch UnderCover Brother at the Movies and at the time didnt feel like I wasted my money. I Recently caught Undercover Brother playing on TNT and much to my dismay I found that I wasted my time watching it for a 2nd time(Chappelle being the highlight of the movie). So it lead me to wonder wtf I was on the first time I saw it or was it just my young self found that type of shit entertainingly funny a la GoodBurger (which was a very retarded movie that I found funny when I was younger yet I wont even watch it for the unintentional comedy,that I am assuming is very prevalent in GoodBurger).

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BELIZE said...

Kennon and kel were funny, until i grew hair on my nuts..lol