Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bow Wow Is the Tim Duncan Of this Rap Game...minus the height advantage! By Belize from

Disclaimer: this is written my Boy Belize and is his Humble Opinion check for him

First off lemme say "I hate Bow Wow". Really. Not a fan of his music, probably due to the age difference, but (!) I gotta respect dude. Seriously. Yesterday me and Cip were talking and I came to the realization that Bow Wow is probably not going anywhere anytime soon. So why (you maybe yelling right now) is the artist formally known as Lil' being compared to Tim Duncan you may ask?

Well, just like Bow Wow, he's one of the least appreciated players in the game. Sure they have the hardware - i.e. 3 Championship rings/3 Platinum Plaques - but I don't care who you are, when you talk to avid sport fans about who's the illest in the game and you say Tim Duncan, some dude is gonna scream "Fuck Tim Duncan!"

This goes for the rap game too, ask any "Hip-Hop" fan (A) what their view on Bow Wow is and you probably will get a unanimous answer of "Fuck Bow-Wow!"

So why the hate? My idea is the way they "play" the game. Tim Duncan is a fundamentalist. He plays the game just like Lennox Lewis boxed. He plays to win. Nothing more, nothing less. Do you think Tim Duncan care if some dude posterizes him on the court? Do you think he cares if you don't like his MC Hammers, of the world can understand this simple rule in life. Lil Bow Wow..errr..Bow-Wow, makes music for women/girls/bitches. Simple and plain, and many emcees have found this hidden gem to success. LL Cool J did it and still does. Ma$e did it (weak and corny 1st single, but that new single with T-Pain will guarantee a Platinum Plaque. You can bet your piggybank on that. Don't believe me? Watch. If Bow has one more catchy single after this, it's a wrap. He'll be multi-platinum by the end of the year, with no heavy promotions, and probably still no love from Hip-Hop listeners. But! He'll be more rich than your favorite rapper and probably get more pum-pum than Mr. 20,000 himself.

Isn't that the goal of every star?

Well, Bow-Wow, just like Tim Duncan, I still don't like your game, but I tilt my brim to you both.

Get your guap.

The only and major argument that I have against this point. Is that Tim Duncan as well as LL are well respected amongst their peers and I dont get the feeling that Bow Wow is even respected on any level, besides most rappers are not fucking with him cuz Bow Wow stays in his own lane. He will continue to be the shortest Nigga in the club and also very successful at playing his position and therein lies the comparison to Tim Duncan and where it ends. Big Up Belize on a strong first effort my nigga and hopefully only the beginning of these Collabo's


BELIZE said...

AYO? Were's the credit luv?

BELIZE said...


Well, I all I gotta say about your rebuttal is that he just collabed wit Pimp C and 2short who are rarely featured on lame rappers'songs. he may not have the street respect but his grind is basically wut im talkin bout. But I feel where u goin. he def. doesnt have dat "league respect"


Anonymous said...

There is a "scoreboard" factor to sports that doesn't exist in music. Tim Duncan led his team to 3 NBA titles, and thus "really is" a top tier player.

OTOH Bow Wow is a crappy rapper that sells, ala Vanilla Ice.

If you compare Bow Wow to a sports person, how about David Beckham? Beckham is good but not top-tier, he's prolly #20 in the world at best. Yet he gets top money since he's a "media personality".

Of course I have to add the diclaimer that Beckham actually has soccer talent & is a 2nd tier player, whereas Bow Wow is a "worst tier" "rapper"

Anonymous said...

^BTW this was me, NMB. Holla

BELIZE said... bad when I emailed this to Ifux, I fucking copied and pasted 1/2 of my post. Now I cant remember all my points. Ahh well..I promise I aint gonna fuck up next time Ifux, my bad...

anywayz, Beckham can't be Bow Wow because he's been in the game too long and he's never gone multi-platinum (i.e. won the world cup)if you wanted to compare Beckham to someone that goes to Kool G Rap, cuz he got all the respect + a a bad bitch but he aint gone platinum yet.

Granted that bow wow is not a great rapper, but im talking about how he's consistant and has his own lane.

If you got somebody better to compare Bow wow to, lemme know..I dont see anybody.

Anonymous said...


Belize, IMHO you're confusing commercial success (Bow Wow, Vanilla Ice) with skills/actual talent/critical success
(Tim Duncan)

futbol = Beckham = endorsement dollars, being a "media personality", wifing another "media personality" "Posh Spice", signing to the MLS for ridic feria/cheese due to ability to make random young viejas suddenly take interest in soccer, etc

rap = Bowow = selling 1M albums = platinum, although no rap guru/nerd EVAR lists dude as a "nice MC", in fact the opposite, on many "WOAT" lists as one of the "worst ever MCs"

futbol = winning World Cup, FIFA Player of the year (eg Ronaldinho, Zidane, Ronaldo), continental cup like Copa America, club cup like UEFA Champions League, soccer nerds all swear a dude is a top tier without any doubt or debate

rap = being on Top10 lists of the best MC/DJ/producer, having a unique & innovative steez they bring to rap, being respected by pioneer cats such as Chuck D as respectfully "carrying on tradition" (eg Nas, Black Thought, Kool G Rap, Notorious BIG, Phonte, DJ Premier, Jay Dee, etc)

BELIZE said...

Last tim I checked the bankshot wasn't respected.

Not comparing him to beckham, im comparing him to duncan. esp. how boww ow doesnt go platinum off him 1st week sales, he actually goes plat. off his second and third singles.

Ít takes skill to do that, although catering to bitches (hitting a bankshot)..wont give u respect.

Were's ifux? This sum good kush...

BELIZE said...

Beckham playing football > Bow Wow rapping

not comparable

Duncan bankshot = Bow wow catering to hoes


Anonymous said...


hitting bankshots not respectable? really?

I thought in any team sport, leading your team to the title is the ultimate. Doesn't matter HOW you score points.

Maybe this type of thinking is why USA can't beat fockin Greece or Argentina in the Olympics or the Basketball World Cup. ARG & GRE play team ball & don't care about having "individual stylish moves" or other such bitch-ass-ery.

BELIZE said...

^True. And thats exactly my point, Tim doesnt care about that, he just cares about winning. Bow doesnt care about his "lane", as long as he makes his team (so-so def) get high sales.

On a side not, did you know Bow Wow doesnt care about 1st week numbers unlike all the other artists in the game (underground excluded-aka the CBA)..he actually goes platinum off the strenght of his 2nd and third single.

Thats hard to do, even Nas is trying to figure it out (not comparing nas to bow, but still its hard to do)

As i said, I dont like his game, but he's been in the game 4 a while that I gotta respect his grind

Im Bow-wow'd

Anonymous said...

NMB again
I guess I just disagree with your premise of
"the goal of rap is to make a plat album, thus making your team/record label a financial success"

I know that's the goal as a business, but as a fan I view rap is art, so to me rap's goal
strong timeless album(s) with innovative beats/producing &/or vocals/MCing

OTOH, in basketball or any team sport fans mostly agree by far the 1st goal is
lead your team to win a championship in the world's best league(s)

NHJIC on all this discussion of a little bitchmade like Bowow, LOL!

BELIZE said...

^Lol yah i agree...

omar said...

yo pale face email me ur bracket before the games start aharon not feeling u only picking 1st round

elgringocolombiano said...

NMB here, aka elgringocolombiano

I Fux & Belize, I gonna give this blog shiz a try. Feel free to check my blog, & holla in the comments if you wish

I Fux said...

I will put your ish on my links NMB and Nullus on this whole Bow Wow Convo

BELIZE said...

^me too

Dallas said...

Fuck a Bow Wow!

Fuck a Beckham!

IFUX, hook your boy up with a d/l of the Dev album or just lace me with that track that 300 and snoop gueat on.

Keep doing your thing Belize, IFux


elgringocolombiano said...

ayo dallas,

Nowadays, any artist that has a new release coming (nhjic), & also enjoys the most minor amount of random stannery, will have their shiz posted on 1 of these sites. I advise always searching these 2 sites first:

for rap

for all genres

I notice "The Dude" is availaible on that HHB shiz.

Also Dallas, don't over-blowup these sites, you got a big audience. Let's not kill a good thing.

BELIZE said...

Nuff Respect Star